We are in the process of building a full service production facility headquartered in Louisiana.


 (New Orleans Motion Picture Studios)

            NOMPS intellectual property alchemic manufacturing concept is a unique production facilitator from Conception to Completion.

         A media production factory formula, that is a synergistic cross-pollination of media platforms, simultaneously and sequentially manufacturing Media Intellectual Properties in a creative assembly line format.

             This first and only one of its kind Global Media Network synergistically manufacturing media intellectual properties by collaborating with NOMPS Media Plex entities in select cities/countries that are participating in NOMPS Cloud-Based Co-Creation Global Network and uses the same production techniques, facilities, infrastructure, training, and equipment to synergistically interconnect into NOMPS global network to co-participate in factory assembly line productions and Global Distribution.  “Each Individual Media Plex has everything needed for an independent successful Media production from Conception to Completion”

            This first and only one of its kind, Non-Linear, Immersive, Experience Driven, Interactive, Theme Parks that combines Theme Park thrill rides, with Digital Gaming Competitions and other interactive experience driven attractions.

            Virtual Moviemaking techniques are used as a dynamic non-linear interactive workflow between participating NOMPS campuses. Blending Virtual Camera Systems, Advanced Motion and Performance Capture, 3D software, real time render Display Technology, enables participating production personnel from any number of NOMPS Campuses to simultaneously interactively visualize and/or shoot digital scenes.

            The Digital Gaming Division at each campus can accommodate any and all types of Digital Media Production.  This includes but is not limited to, Programing Major Gaming Titles, Online Gaming, Apps, Streaming Video, Media Productivity Software, and VOD (Video on Demand) alternatives.

            NOMPS in-house Innovative Technologies, full time Employee Crew Base teams, Production Services, Equipment Rentals, Post Productions, fully equipped Support Facilities, and an encouraging work environment, increases creative output productivity. 

Research and Development

            NOMPS is foremost an innovative entity.  It will always stay on top of, and use the best available technologies.  What is not available on the open market, it’s Research and Development department will create it.  For example, our MIO 3D technology is a patented process, using 3 or more cameras simultaneously to acquire 3D images.   The Media Recording Shield is a technology that can stop pirating from projected media in a Movie Theater or secure top-secret information on a TV or Computer Screen. Our proprietary, productivity enhancing Cinematic Management Control Systems, brings the film production industry into the 21st century.

Digital Media/Gaming/Film Graduate School
We Educate Students, and bring their workforce capabilities into high-end professionalism.

            All of NOMPS employee/crew base will have to graduate from the NOMPS Media School to qualify for employment in our highly technical production environment.  The standardized training makes it easy for each NOMPS network facility participants to synergistically engage in seamless co-production.     Education Centers at each NOMPS Media Campuses brings its local workforce up to the latest professional technical standards.