We are in the process of designing and developing 2 unique, Non-Linier, Immersive,Experience Driven, Ineractive Theme Parks/Back Lots.

"Mothership Park" & "Federation Park"

The parks includes Thrill Rides, but also Includes, Digital Gaming Competions, Acting Experiences/Movie Roll Competitions, Educational Attractions, Interactive Theme/Action experiences. Many Park attractions have Interactive Competitions with ascending levels for participants' individual profiles. Patrons can select their Avatar Character, Level of Difficulty, and aspect of their desired experiences of each attraction and have access via the web to their profile.

"Mothership Park"

(Some of the included attractions)

"Aqua Dome"

"Planet Cosmos"

"Piddle Brook Village"

"Stim City"

Indoor/Outdoor Water Park

Sci-Fi Theme Attractions

Family Theme Attractions

Thrill Rides


"Federation Park"

Federation Park is based on competition for each attraction. Patrons can choose levels of difficulty, Customize Avatar Profiles, Choose an available team, and winners qualify to advance to higher levels. The higher levels of competitions will be broadcast via NOMPS Gaming Sports Network Channel (GSN). NOMPS Social Network for Gamers provides a conduit for teams to strategize for competitions. Each of the NOMPS Global Media Plexes worldwide, participate simultaneously in broadcast competitions. Individual NOMPS Media Plexes permanent team leagues compete in annual global Gaming Competition Tournaments.

The rest is classified.